Konrad and Serena’s wedding

delicate flowers

The wedding ceremony was at Sopewell house in  St Albans. The Sopewell house is  a very beautiful garden. It’s a nice place to have a wedding.

The groom and his best men came to collect the bride.

The bridesmaid and friends set for trick stopped the groom from entering before seeing his bride. The girls were trying hard to make it difficult for him to see if he was sincere and determined to marry the bride. Once he got passed then he could see the beautiful bride.^^

Sing a song to the bride over the phone before seeing his bride.


The couple had to say goodbye to bride’s parents and get their best wishes.



Wedding ceremony – All the guests signed their names as they arrived.






婚禮位於St Albans的Sopwell House 舉行
在倫敦的King Cross/St Pancras 鐵路搭乘至St Albans


我在南倫敦靠近Surrey區,約9:00啟程轉搭四次tram,train,cap才能夠到達Sopwell House,出發早所以在St Pancras station逗留一下,若能馬上在那裡搭上豪華歐洲之星到巴黎拍些優雅建築物也是美事一件。

之後中午12點抵達Sopwell House婚禮飯店。這裡是幾座寧靜、佔地廣的美麗花園飯店。該天新娘化妝休息室使用了3個不同的地方。

中午後新郎及伴郎穿著正式禮服過來迎娶,想娶新娘先過了幾關遊戲再說,遊戲逗趣精彩,在場賓客的臉龐笑盈盈 ^^。新人的親戚友人幾乎都是香港人,英國人,有從美國特飛過來還有少數的台灣友人。除了長輩,好幾個年輕一代的另外一半都是西方臉孔或國外長大的。


愉悅的心情美美的自己,這麼自然美好的戶外婚禮接待,新娘畢生難忘!! 在歐洲舉行婚禮可是很多女生的夢哦 !

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