Fabrizio and Vanessa’s Wedding

The groom Fabrizio is from Italy

The bride Vanessa is from Taiwan

Fabrizio and Vanessa have been together for many loving years,but in the beginning it wasn’t easy.Fabrizio lived in London and Vanessa lived in Taipei,and it was tough for them to be apart. Vanessa eventually decided to come to live in London. They are now living out their romantic dream here in England. I really feel happy for them.

Where did you meet each other?

In the kitchen, we were kitchenmates while we were both studying at the University of Edinburgh.

How long had you been dating/together before you got married?

Almost 7 years.

How were you proposed to?

I reminded him that he needed to propose even though we had already decided to get married. So after we went to pick up the engagement ring, we went to one of the restaurants on the 85th floor on TAIPEI 101. He asked me the question while we had our dinner there.

What is the most memorable thing that happened on your wedding day?

For me, it would be at the church when the preist went on and did a full course of mass which was not what we had wanted at the first place. The groom was so nervous that I would be mad at him for it. Just looking at his face, how could I?






Walking along the River Thames


a lovely kiss and hug^^



Wedding photography is my passion as you know. I love capturing natural movement. Because the images can tell the real story.

It’s great idea to take some  “pre-wedding” style pictures after the actual wedding ceremony in order to capture the happy couple having some fun .I enjoyed the new experience of taking pictures in that way.















wow!! the bride looks stunning and graceful in her cheongsam…very bright colour!!







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