D and J-Castle Pre-wedding shoot

Just like ballerina style wedding dress

The groom Deric is from Malaysia

The bride Jess is from Malaysia

Pre-wedding outdoor shoot in Brighton and Kent

4 different outfits (one wedding gown, three  ball gown style wedding dresses))



It’s never too late to take pre-wedding photos even after the actual wedding.

The couple had registry office wedding, but they didn’t have their banquet in the UK. So they contacted me hoping to have their pre-wedding shoot done in order to take it back to display on their wedding day in Malaysia. So they eventually decided to take all their beautiful memories in UK.

It was great fun to go to Brighton and Kent to take some lovely outdoor pictures.We really enjoyed it.

It has been wonderful and joyful to photograph the wedding and pre-wedding in the UK so far. You can always learn something new from the couple’s requirements or from their weddings. I think it’s because the couple I have shot are all from the different backgrounds, so they don’t normally follow the traditional way in the UK. And you can see very different ideas from them as well.

That is why I can share with viewers here and let the most ladies to take a look and get some ideas..



I have no idea what to call this?  Is it cave??


” I DON’T KNOW HOW TO POSE “???she was worried!! because she liked modelling style photos.

I really love capturing nature movement, but I also help brides to pose as well.

I am a female photographer and  I know very well how to pose in front of the camera.I’m used to posing a lot from when I was learning dance. Don’t worry, it is my job to make the bride look good. I will help you make the right pose during the photo shoot, to ensure that you look just perfect. Does’t the bride look pretty in her wedding gown in the cave? Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Love atmosphere…..love in the afternoon!!!



A good kiss is like a dance, and they really kiss passionately^^ nice picture!!



What a sweet story!!!












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