Deric and Jess-Pre-wedding in Brighton

We were staying overnight in a Brighton hotel on Sunday preparing for the next day’s long pre-wedding shoot.

Day1- Evening photography on Brighton beach and the hotel room

Sunday evening shoot was not in the schedule at the beginning. It is because I really like wedding photography, so that is why I was intentionally asked them to take some pictures on Sunday Evening in order to have more time for the next day long shoot. You can’t always take a good shoot if you are in rush..

After getting ready, we had fun taking some pictures with a beach hut. At the same time they could also get used to being in front of the camera.  Beach huts are very colourful and look good on wedding album prints.

A couple of hours later we went back to the hotel. The bride Jess and groom Deric changed into their black and pink outfits for the indoor shoot. The hotel room was not big enough to move around, but it was under my control to get the pictures finish.

After that we headed to the Italian restaurant to have a nice meal..

Day 2-Brighton beachcastle and garden

We got up very early in the morning and started shooting around 6:50. The weather was not perfect as expected, but we didn’t want the bad weather to ruin our plans. So I tried my best to get some nice shoot, because the couple had high expectations for the pre-wedding photography.

After the breakfast we headed off to the medieval castle and Italian style garden. The castle is situated in a lake. The inside of castle was completely destroyed. It’s old and broken but from the photography point of view I really love its features. I knew instantly that this castle was definitely a perfect choice for taking pre-wedding photos.

We arrived at the garden around 4:00pm just before closing. It was a bit late, so we had to get going in order to get some good photos.

The couple got home very late that day, because they travelled all the way back to Nottingham. I guess Deric was exhausted from the long drive. But it was worth it for them, because they had a lot of good photos done.

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