What will next Royal wedding dress look like??

Who is the wedding dress designer for Kate Middletons?

and what four other top dress makers would do.jpg

Via dailymail

The rumours over the last week, there are many designers ready to offer their services to Kate. Thirty years ago the fairy wedding dress worn by Princess Diana had too many features I think. Whomever design for Kate’s wedding gown should be better look than Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

Via dailymail

This dress is fitted figure style with mermaid shaped. I saw this dress on magazines,internet and newspapers. The dress is designed by Elizabeth Emanuel who were  chosen as a couturier/designer of Diana’s Wedding gown.

It looks drop dead gorgeous..terribly beautiful !! hourglass / figure-hugging wedding dress with long veil  is truly elegant and sophisticated. Apparently mermaid style wedding gown is one of my favourites. I am sure this style looks good in the wedding pictures. 🙂 No doubt whoever design her wedding dress will be the bridal trends for the next year.  For all you brides-to-be make sure you keep an eye on it!!

Here are the designers sketch wedding gowns for Kate Middleton as below;




As the report on Telegraph “It’s never going to be easy for her because the whole world is looking at her. She has a lot of boxes to tick.”

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