A-Z of weddings

  • A is for accessories
  • B is for Best Man
  • C is catering
  • D is for dress
  • E is for Entertainment
  • F is for flower
  • G is for Groom
  • H is for Honeymoon
  • I is for Invitations
  • J is for Jewellery
  • K is for Kissing
  • L is for Licences
  • M is for Make-UP
  • N is for Nails
  • O is for Organiser
  • P is for Photographer
  • Q is for Queues for the loos
  • R is for Rings
  • S is for Stag and Hen party
  • T is for Transport
  • U is for Ushers
  • V is for Venue
  • W is for Weather
  • X is for X-rated
  • Y is for You
  • Z is for Zzzzzzz!

I found this A-Z guide helpful. It’s one of contents on issue 190 of Aspire Magazine.

(Wedding picture taken by me)

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