Chocolate for Valentine’s Day


You are my sweetest LOVE – Chocola

Saint Valentine’s Day is on its way.

It’s time to get romantic things. Are you panic being along? Why not give someone you like with a box of delicious chocolates and suggest going for a drink. It helps you get to know one another and suss out if she or he likes you. You can get very beautiful and well wrapped chocolates on Regent Street.


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5 Responses to Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

  1. Evon says:

    hi, it’s me! can’t drop you message if I don’t leave email address????!!!!

    just think of you, gotta let you know this. haha..

    save Darren and me some chacolate!

    • Katrina says:

      got to leave e-mail address?? Ah..I’ll have a look at admin options.

      What’ve you been up to recently?
      I haven’t seen you online for a long time.

      • Evon says:

        yeap, you know Dan is home. he is the one on computer and have skype his ID on to chat with his friends (surely my daughters are on his contact list too. )

        he will leave Feb 20 for work again, I may be able to log on by then.

    • Katrina says:

      Do you know what!!!
      I have visited a lot of American blogs.
      Their home life is so fantastic….
      They like to bring fab,beautiful,chic style to their home.
      Full of inspiration. Incredible!! It’s very unusual here..
      Just can’t wait to learn more gorgeous projects from them!!

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