Family portraits – Picnic

I have always liked the outdoor family portraits,because it can always tell the story of a family’s reaction and how they enjoy fun and gorgeous time together.

A few Mums and toddlers would like to spend some time together sitting at the Croyland Park having a picnic. I was also invited to take some outdoor photo session for them. It’s very interesting to meet some people get together from different countries.

It was May.We had a sunny morning and clouds moving in across the sky.  I could only wait and managed to have a photo shoot in the shade, and I also had the sun behind the subject to bring the effects on a sunny picnic.

I really love them having a picnic laughing, smiling at each other with some fun. They look lovely, relaxed and natural during the shooting. It’d be nice to have their daddy on these images. The pictures were taken during the weekday, and it was daddy’s working day!!

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1 Response to Family portraits – Picnic

  1. LOUISE LAI says:

    記得再去你的信箱看信嘿! 別又給我丟到垃圾筒了 😥

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