Happy Birthday Princess – Ava

PARTY – PARTY- you are invited

Birthdays come but once a year. No matter what you arrange children should get extra attention and some pampering on their birthday.

Here is the celebration of 3 year old little princess Ava’s birthday. It was hosted at Mawsley Village Centre. Dad and mum had arranged a fun party pack and gifts for all the kids to take home. Little Ava also invited her little friends to come over to the centre for her birthday. Mum was the busiest, arranging everything from invitations to themed decorations, activities, catering, sweets and token gifts. Ava had a great birthday and all the attention she deserved.

Ava’s little friends.  All the children are cute and adorable.

Children love celebrating birthdays. They love little friends, fun and games at a colourful party . They also love sweets  and gifts….Oops did I mention that I love them too. 🙂

Mummy was so happy welcoming the children and their parents.

Ava’s big friends. Most of them are kids parents.

What a great birthday theme idea – You can’t have a kid’s birthday parties without fancy balloons, bubbles and colourful balls, bouncy castle, a fun house, face painting.  Kids really love these activities. It’s also a great idea to keep them having fun and busy.

What is it called?? colourful balls or gumballs?? Great entertaining ideas for little one. Perfect for throwing games and keep them sitting there for a while.. : -D

Bouncy Jumping Castle – HERE WE GO!!

Wendy house ?? or Kids house?? Not sure about this !!

Oh…the little girls were fighting and swinging with their arms around.

Sweets buffet

Welcome to my Sweetie Bar –  It’s a buffet consisting of various types of sweets. Now it’s time for a treat.  You can collect your own. But please ask your mummy before you eat.

kids love it when the moment comes to blow out the candles and cut the birthday cake. It was decorated with green frosting and cartoon figures. The face painter /make-up artist and me were standing there gazing at cake discussing what a fabulous cake it was. How did the baker make it? so brilliant!!  ”Hmmm The cake was too good to be eaten, but a little bite shouldn’t mess up the decoration. :-0”  

There are some items here used as a decorations and the personalized paper bags for sweets and cupcakes to take home.

Birthday catering… Are you ready to eat??

These are the goody bags as a token gifts for the kids to take home.

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