Chelsie and Jonathan-St Albans Registry Office Wedding

The groom Jonathan is from England

The bride Chelsie is from Taiwan

I photographed the wedding of Chelsie and Jonathan.They didn’t arrange a church wedding. so they got married at  registry office in St Albans. The day started at their home where the groom and bride were getting ready for their sweet wedding.

Where did you meet each other?

Internet chat room.We didn’t start dating  each other until after a couple of years since we met on-line.

How long have you been dating / together before you got married?

7 years!!

How were you proposed to?

There wasn’t an official proposal. It’s parents who suggested that it’s time for us to tie the knot so we do.

What is the most memorable thing that happened on your wedding day?

Bride – made an unexpected/unplanned speech.

Groom – Bride’s teary eyes.Groom had been lifted up and thrown around in the air by his giant cousins.

bride getting ready!!

When you think of  weddings, the first picture that comes to mind is the bride in a long white wedding dress and long white wedding veil ….but it doesn’t  have to be that way(white). The wedding is supposed to be a special day for the couples, so I think the colour issue is down to the bride’s choice, there is no need to worry about  following the tradition. Probably mother wouldn’t approve, if this is not a case then go for it if you feel fabulous in pink or blue or black..It doesn’t matter !  See, the bride was in a satin pink, a nice colour for a soft and feminine look..

The right hand side(facing the stage) is the groom’s family and friends…

The guests were invited to  the joyful wedding and gave their support and best wishes to the happy couple.

The left hand side(facing the stage) is bride’s family and friends.

The groom was ready and waiting for his bride!!

The bride was waiting with her father outside of the entrance for a few minutes,

then the  bride came in walking down the isle on her fathers’ arm.

The Minister said a few words  on the significance of marriage first, and then the couple took their wedding vow in turn,repeating the words after the minister..

I had a restriction on using flash and moving around or shooting legal documents during the ceremony.

The Minister only allowed me standing still on the left side.I like to get some good shots at the wedding. How could I

miss the details!! so I had to have a few seconds shooting from the back.

The groom and bride exchanged vows and wedding rings.

The Minister declared that the couple were husband and wife.

sign the marriage certificate!!

The legal certificate is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony.


media conference!! ha

They are legal witnesses to the marriage.

The couple’s family.

walking out after the ceremony..

Those guests were there to witness the marriage and celebrate with the groom and bride.

Group’s portrait!

bride’s friends

haha..a kind of dramatic pose

a happy group of friends and relatives.. I really love this bit. You always can see some funny guys around in the wedding.It gives you in addition to provide a great photo opportunity.

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2 Responses to Chelsie and Jonathan-St Albans Registry Office Wedding

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  2. msakowski says:

    Nice photos. I am so wondering what their children will look like, since they are very different looking from one another.

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