Wedding reception and banquet in St. Albans

The reception started at Darcys resturant.

That’s right!! it’s a lady shaped cake just like the bride’s wedding hat. Very special and unusual.

The groom’s mum organised the wedding venue and the catering.

All the table decoration details were taken care by the groom’s mum, all looking quite perfect!

A reception party !!!

Started at the lounge bar in the restaurant first.  They served with light finger foods,appetizers  and drinks to the guests in the lounge before the formal banquet. The guests mingled together talking and laughing.

Every wedding is unique, and this is a wedding venue I could definitely fall in love with.

Beautiful rooms with a stunning setting.

Although it was a small wedding banquet, it did provide intimacy and atmosphere for the happy couple, family and all the guests.

Don’t you think he looks a bit like the youngest of the Baldwin brothers,Stephen Baldwin when he was younger.

I saw him on Celebrity Big Brother recently.

The groom and his mum.

very sweet !! just like father and daughter..

Because of the size of the event the wedding co-ordinater was on hand from start to finish to guide guests through every details, making sure everything was just right,

and that the guests enjoyed their night with the happy couple through to the end.

I attended to a big banque last year. There were a hundreds of people in the restaurant. Can you imagine how difficult it was to serve a hundreds of people and take care of every detail? Everything was so slow; you had to wait 60 minutes for the next dish.

cute boys

As it was a small wedding party it was very easy for me to capture all the guests having a great time.

The guests seemed to enjoy socialising together and sharing some stories. I  also mingled with their relatives for a while. They seemed to be having great fun.

Bite me!! ha ha :0

The groom’s father gave the fist speech.

The groom had speech about the feeling of their big day and stories he could tell..

Bride made an unplanned speech!

The bride took this opportunity to thanks her parents and all the guests for coming. Some of them from different country.

delicious !!

cutting cake

Who’d have thought that a Taiwanese wedding cake could be decorated so elegantly; it looks especially impressive by the window!

The lounge room was lovely…it created a comfortable and nice atmosphere .

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1 Response to Wedding reception and banquet in St. Albans

  1. linagnew says:

    This is almost the same as my son’s wedding in 2009,
    I prepared the whole lot of decorations….
    The groom’s mum did a good job on this!!!
    Although it is not a big wedding, but sweet and beautiful,
    Everyone enjoy it is the the most important,
    And you did a professional job on those photos, I love them all.
    Of course, best wish to the new couple, love forever ~~~~

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