Newcastle Wedding-Adrian and Chenwei〈part one〉

Lots of soft pink and fuschia colours on the wedding day

The groom Adrian is from England

The bride Chenwei is from Taiwan

Make-up artist


I photographed the wedding of Adrian and Chenwei. The wedding ceremony was held at the Gibside chaple in Newcastle. The day started at the hotel where the bride was getting ready for her big day. The weather was perfect, the bride simply looked gorgeous and classic on her big day,  the groom looked as fabulous as bride -well matched colours- !!  everything went very well too, the wedding day was full of joy and fun.

Where did you meet each other?

We met in a friend’s house party in Febuary 2007. The host and friends who attended the party were also our wedding guests!

Was she attracted to you at the first sight?

He was young, he made me laugh, and shared the same music taste with me (after we dated, I found that we only share the same interest with ONE type music…)

When we first met, Chenwei was beautiful and offered me some chocolate cake so no competition! It took me a week, and constant MSNing to realise and to pluck up the courage to ask her out.

Did you ever think she/he was the right one  you were looking for at the beginning?

Adrian–I don’t think you ever know, but fate decreed and we have never been happier.

Chenwei–No. I always thought I would marry someone who is older than me.

Where did you go on your first date? What was it like?

An Italian restaurant in Newcastle. Yet the first date since we became boyfriend/girlfriend was a trip to Gibside Chapel and the Restaurante Belini, where we had our wedding ceremony and reception!

How long had you been dating before you got married?

Three years and five months.

Where? How were you proposed to?

I proposed to Chenwei in a nice hotel in Taipei city when I visited her family in 2009.

How long had you been preparing for your wedding?

Around eight months.

Did you have a hen night and a stag night party?

Adrian had his hen night from 4pm to 12am; Chenwei had one from 6pm to 10:30pm

Wedding invitation card- the character means double happiness and full of love !

getting ready !!

Congratulation on the newly married couple as a husband and wife

Before that I had a restriction on shooting all the wedding blessing during the ceremony

missed the details !!

Sharing the feeling of a joyful and blissful wedding atmosphere with the bride.

They look stunning !!

a warm and loving kiss-enjoy the moment with the happy couple

It is my favorite champagne reception. Everyone enjoy a beautiful sunny day outdoor with a glass of champagne.

What a lovely time..!!

Outdoor speech

couple cutting cake

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5 Responses to Newcastle Wedding-Adrian and Chenwei〈part one〉

  1. Hen ideas says:

    Nice pics. all says you have enjoyed your wedding party. and thanks for sharing it. keep enjoying and keep blogging.

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  3. Hi Katrina, Thank you for visiting my website. I had looked your website since I got your link from Mildland group. I was thinking to leave you message but I was a little bit busy as well. I like your style. You know if I would have known you ealier, I would hire you to be my wedding photogapher. Never mind. We have known each other now. I wish all the best with your business. See you soon.

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