Newcastle wedding-Adrian and Chenwei〈part two〉


 What was the most memorable thing that happened on your wedding day?Chenwei–Every moment !!! The sunny day after raining through the whole week! The flowers were perfect and matched the colour of the bridemaids dresses and of the two mothers’ dresses; the photo time was so funny and enjoyable; Two mothers were holding hands together; I was very happy when I saw the two families dancing together in our evening reception.

Adrian–All of it, in particular when I first saw Chenwei walked into the Chapel.

Tell us about your wedding dress? Where did you buy it?

I bought them. The bridal dress was bought from Cameron London Bridal Dress.

Who chose the groom’s wedding suit?

We chose together. The groom’s suit was a Prince Edwardian Suit.

Who chose the outfits for the bestmen and bridesmaids?

The outfits of the bestmen are the same with the groom; Chenwei chose the bridesmaids’

Where did you hold your reception?

Outside the Chapel. The weather and venue were perfect. Yet the canape was a bit disappointed.

Where did you hold your evening reception?

The reception was Restaurante Bellini. Adrian had visited there since he was little, as the restaurant was in the same village where his parent live.  The owner, Joe, also attended our wedding ceremomy at the Chapel.

What did you decorate your table setting with?

The restaurant owner did it, Joe. Candles, chocolates and some confetti. balloons behind the groom and bride.

What entertainment did you arrange during your evening reception? Any thing  interesting?

We had a disco after desert was served. This was out of surprise as we did not plan it, but Adrian’s sister and brother planned it. We were asked to do the first dance as a surprise, and Adrian could not stop glaring at his sister, as he hates dancing!! The stereo was broken hlf way into the night, so Alex and Jamie ran home to get a stereo from home. We made some fun when the music was gone, for example, Chenwei’s family and Adrian’s family sang several songs respectively to entertain each other; Using a variety of instruments a tambourine, spoons and some other non musical equipment.

Are you having a wedding banquet in Taiwan?

Yes, it will be on 2nd October.

I cross my heart and promise you that I will love you forever,and I am looking forward to continuing the joy journey that we have been through together.

The bride throw her flower bouquet.The girl who catches the bouquet is said to be the next bride.

Love will hold you steady, and never let you fall…

A sweet moment…

nothing matter more than being with you

I love you,trust you,open to you

I want you to know that there will never be anyone else for me but you

May our love grow..

In your arms…I feel safe,strong,secure,happy, and protected

wow.. kiss the princess

A magic door to the very best moment… Should we dance ?

Oriental charm ^^ cheongsam dress…

According to the traditional way,the bride changes her dresses during the wedding  banquet/reception.

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2 Responses to Newcastle wedding-Adrian and Chenwei〈part two〉

  1. KATHERINE says:

    NICE PICTURES~~~What a beautiful bride!! 整體構圖和色彩明亮度都好吸引人~

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