Wedding flowers-Spring

Spring is a time for delicate,light,fragrant flowers. When I was walking through the flower shops the other day I could feel that the wedding season is almost here. Because full of wedding bouquets displayed at the shops to match the lovely season…so beautiful !! I couldn’t even take my eyes off those flowers.

The wedding flower pictures above were taken in the Sopwell House wedding before. I have just added more outdoor pictures to the wedding. Click the picture and you can see them.

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Spring breeze

Hello spring!! Warmer days ahead now !!

Who doesn’t love flowers?  Even my cat love the smell of flowers and nibble at them a lot. The spring flowers are gorgeous. Forsythias , tulips, Daffodils…etc.  It’d be nice to have some flowers indoor and add elegance to the house.

What is the name of pale pink flowers?  Is it Gerbera daisy???

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Bye-bye winter !!

What a  fabulous weather today!! We finally have got the first sign of spring.

Dawn broke around 5:30 and I could hear birds singing, talking early in the morning from around 4:30 just like a wake up call. The birds have already told me spring is here. This is one of the enjoyable signs of spring coming.

Taking great winter photographs can be challenging due to cold temperatures or snowy weather.

You can’t get good work without making extra effort. There is not much freedom in winter, and I don’t normally take a lot of photos, unfortunately. It’d be easier if I had a 4 wheel drive car for winter driving..

Now the sunny days have arrived, I would love to refresh my mood and smile again by going out in the sun and taking some outdoor photos.


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Let down

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Time Imprisonment

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Tormented soul

Tormented soul

~ Midnight Symphony ~

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Frozen memories

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Feb Quote-Venus and Mars

by John Gray


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Valentine’s Day for Wife

14.02 – St Valentine’s Day is not just for falling in love couple!!!

Take your wife to a romantic restaurant but not McDonald or pizza hut.Surprised your wife with a small gift she actually want can melt her heart,even just a small flower bouquet with card. It’s also a wonderful way to show appreciation for your wife on celebrating love and commitment. …



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Many happy returns of the day

It’s that time again!!

Many happy returns of the day.

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Love is in the air

Ti amo, mio tesoro

~ Love is in the air ~



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Be my Valentine

Each day I love you more

Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

~ Love quotes ~

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Chocolate for Valentine’s Day


You are my sweetest LOVE – Chocola

Saint Valentine’s Day is on its way.

It’s time to get romantic things. Are you panic being along? Why not give someone you like with a box of delicious chocolates and suggest going for a drink. It helps you get to know one another and suss out if she or he likes you. You can get very beautiful and well wrapped chocolates on Regent Street.


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Twilight – Before the dawn

My version of  a new Twilight saga look – Before the dawn

~ Twilight Symphony ~

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Engagement in Italy

These are the pictures of sweet young couple in casual clothing.

The couple wanted to have an engagement shoot while I was in Italy.

So we decided to take some pictures in Milan.

They had a very romantic and beautiful mood while shooting.

I will post some pictures here soon.

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Vintage Bridal accessories

Here are some handmade collection with flower rosette to inspire you bridal look.

Very beautiful and unique design by Flora Bond ! From photographers point of view, I really like them.They are perfect for outdoor pre-wedding shoot and  decorating your dream beach wedding dress. . . . Spring is on its way!! 😀

Picture credit to Flora Bond . Thanks Nicole !!

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Royal condoms for wedding ^^”

Royal wedding condoms go on sale  ~ ha ha

The box has Prince and kate smiling at each other.

Is it a bit hilarious?? but who care!! 😀


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Valentine’s gift for her

Make Her feel Pretty in Pink

Beauty and Fragrance


Valentine’s Day is on its way!

Do you like these perfume?

So pretty!!

They could be one of the perfect choice for your loved one or Princess on Valentine’s day!!

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Quotes-The end of January

Funny Quotes about Life

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New era in bridal gown-Covet

Wedding dress – Covet

What a magnificent wedding dress !! Full of elements from different era. A little bit Jan Austin、 a little bit fairlady、gothic and heroine line. Absolutely remarkable!! One of desingers ”Alexander McQueen” is no longer around, but I admire his extraordinary talent.

Apart from being a photographer. I also wish I was a couture designer too,continuing to indulge and spoil my bride’s wedding fantasies by dressing up my design on their big days.  I assume that both designers and photographers feel great to work in such a beautiful and enhanced atmosphere.

The pictures credit to anonymitynews ; thanks Alexsandra Loeb.

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Marriage quotes

Marriage quotes by RJ

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Twilight bride

Love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan is fascinating.

I’ve seen a few vampire films so far, and Twilight is one of my favourite films.

Hopefully there will be more scenes about the wedding in ”Breaking Down”.

The pictures below are my version of Bella’s wedding look.

“If I Could Dream at All, It Would Be about You. and I’m Not Ashamed of It.”

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Find me

Find me..I am here.

Falling asleep on the balcony.

~ Katherine in Wonderland ~

slinger rose

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Come back to me,Nelson

Come back to me,Nelson.

Where are you?

I miss you, and still. . . .

~ If I could be where you are ~

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Wedding colour trends

These colours have been researched by Michell Mospends who has been researching wedding colour trends for the past 10 years. You may not be too much into colour trends, but using the information as reference could help you create a great look, adding some seasonal colour to the atmosphere of your big day.

Thanks to Michell M

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Colour of the year for 2011

The colour trend you can’t miss this year !!
A colour for all the seasons – Cheerful colour, ‘Honeysuckle’
Honeysuckle is the new Pantone colour of the year 2011.
It’s a colour in between pink and fuchsia.
Should we decorate a room with honeysuckle / reddish-pink  colour?
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Guilty pleasure

It’s not just ‘a piece of cake’ 🙂

~ the art of sumptuous and elegant cake design  ~

I am really in love with my cake images. These fancy Cakes are so tempting. I simply can’t resist the temptation to eat it when every time I see it in Patisserie Valerie café.  I am not greedy just like to indulge myself with a slice of cake once a while, and this is something I feel satisfied to my soul…..

To all of you bride-to-be. Why not pamper and surprise your guests with fine European style cakes? You don’t have to serve the traditional tiered wedding cake on your big day. Such delicious cakes just perfect for wedding desert !!

Enjoy mouth watering 🙂

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Wedding décor planning

To make your wedding day beautiful and help your party go with a bang!!

One of wedding planners I would like to recommend – Chelsie Chou who has been working

as a  co-ordinator and planner over two years.

If you need some advise from her. No hesitate to contact me or write her E-mail.

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Wedding and party co-ordinator

Clic Fullengthandfab Wedding planner

With no idea where to start planning the big day??

The good bridal consultant can keep every details organised and schedule. Here is an

experience planner who can organise with your wedding/party/catering and

event efficiently.

If you are currently planning any of these special occasions, Fullengthandfab could come up

with a good ideas with you from christening to birthday,wedding to events throughout the

year. Take a look and have some guidance from  Fullengthandfab

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